Frequently Asked Questions

I need a new registration key. How can I get one?
Fill out a registration key request form. Once we verify your subscription status we will send you a new key.

High school products are discontinued, but you can request a key here: High School Form.

Does Sydex sell cameras?
No. Sydex does not sell hardware. We do offer recommendations for IP systems and handheld cameras that integrate with a BATS system.

Can I use BATS/PUCKS with a Mac?
Certain reports and programs within BATS and PUCKS are available on any device, including:
BATS Online and PUCKS Online analysis systems
BATS Player iPad app for video playlist viewing

Data and video input tools are not available on Mac OS. However, Windows emulator programs such as Parallels allow users to run any Sydex software on a Mac.

Do I need Wifi to use BATS?
To log games and practice video, no. Some teams opt to store data and video on a network location which requires Wifi to access.

Can I use TrackMan, Rapsodo, or FlightScope data in BATS?
We offer programs which allow you to import data from these systems into your BATS database. There is a one-time fee to set up these programs for any BATS for College user. These programs are included free of charge for all BATS for College Platinum users

Can I use Edgertronic cameras with BATS?
Yes, contact us for consultation on setting up Edgertronic cameras for use in BATS.