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BATS! for Softball combines pitch-by-pitch data analysis with the power of video coaching and analysis.  Modeled after our extremely successful Major League Scouting & Video software, it automatically connects the data of each pitch of every game, directly on your computer!

Video Options

Give your players the edge in batting, pitching and fielding with live multi-angle HD video at home and an easy-to-use video travel system with portable cameras. The BATS! for College Softball video tools let you compare videos, view slow motion replays, and watch up to 4 synchronized angles.
You can analyze hitter and pitcher strengths with the same tools used by MLB players and coaches!


Nearly unlimited options for what you want to see!  View a hitter’s at-bats in pitch-by-pitch sequence, or just her swings at 3-2 counts for a season.  Look at the video of specific batter-pitcher match-ups, or go through last night’s game one at-bat at a time!  It will revolutionize the way you coach, and it’s instantly available at the click of a button!

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