Sydex Sports Software


At home and on the road, use the same video and data input methods as Division I baseball, MLB and over 100 Minor League parks across the country!

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 Game Summary:

View all the at-bats from any game in any season! Click on any at-bat to view its video, or watch video of the entire game straight through!



  Batter Pitcher Breakdown:

 Analyze specific batter/pitcher match-ups! You can use one batter vs. one pitcher, or one batter vs. all right-handed, etc.Information on pitches thrown, pitch locations and at-bat results can be seen in a variety of situations



Swing Zones:

This report shows a pitcher’s-eye-view of batter’s swing patterns through the strike zone. Match up any pitcher with any batter individually or with all-right or all-left, etc. Zones include high, low, medium and chase areas. Sort the report by pitch type, count, and more!

Enhanced Batting Stats:

Measures each player’s true value as a hitter. An extremely valuable way to view the batters for one team, or for the entire league. Sort by RBI%, KO%, Soft Contact %, Hard Contact % and more.