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Track & Field


FBStat Gold  195.95

Track Gold & Meet Manager   329.90


Football In-game Play-by-Play and Stats

Meet Setup, Results, and Scoring, plus Season Stats


FBStat  99.95

Basic Season Stats

Track Gold  only  179.95

Meet Results and Scoring only (no pre-meet seeding)



     SocStat  49.95

         Complete Season Statistics

Track Silver  49.95


Single Team and Individual Stats

Cross Country



BBstat  49.95

CCStat Gold  149.95

($90 with any Track product!  Price reflects discount)

XCountry & Road Race Manager & Stats


Basic Season Statistics


SBStat  49.95

Complete Season Statistics


HoopStat Gold  149.95

Basketball In-game Play-by-Play and Stats

HoopStat  74.95

Basic Season Stats

CCTimer  29.95

XCountry Timing software

CCStat Silver  49.95

XCountry Single-Team stats


VBStat  74.95

Complete Season Statistics


Web Builder  27.95


Add-on for the stats programs of each sport.  Turns any printed report into a web page to put on your school website.  Not available for Track Silver, Ccstat Silver


Package Deals

All Sports Package  699.00


Includes FBstat Gold, Hoopstat Gold, Track 2000 Gold, Meet Manager, CCstat Gold, CCTimer, VBstat, BBStat, SBstat, Socstat, and Web Builders for every sport.  50% off retail!  (Included in price).  You may add/change products as needed, and price will be adjusted accordingly.  Call Sydex for details.


Standard shipping and handling is 8.50 (arrives 2-3 days).  Overnight is 25.00 in the United States; call for International shipping rates.


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