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Complete Basketball Statistics
with an option to run live during the game!

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Basketball Ct Edit


  • Quick and easy stat entry
  • Game high performance reports
  • NCAA style box scores
  • Game by game profiles for players
  • Individual leaders in every category
  • Keep school game records
  • Complete team season stats
  • Conference/non-conference totals
  • Team game-by-game stats versus your opponents
  • Live player stats on screen
  • Print game leaders at any time during the game
  • On screen game narrative for easy play tracking
  • Stat packets for reporters
  • Instant half time and final reports
  • Game play-by-play printouts
  • Set up and enter your own custom categories!
  • Career Stats
  • Full on screen help!

Look at all these Basketball Categories!

Games played

2pt percentage

Rebounds per game

Minutes per game

Free throws

Total assists

Total field goals

Free throw attempts

Assists per game

Total FG attempts

Free throw percentage


Total FG Percentages

Total points

Assists/Turnover ratio

3pt Field Goals

Points per game

Personal fouls

3pt Attempts

Offensive Rebounds


3pt percentage

Defensive rebounds


2pt FGs made

Total rebounds

Steals per game

Plus create your own!