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Complete Basketball Statistics
with an option to run live during the game!

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Hoopstat Gold
Live courtside game stats, plus complete team and individual season stats

With HOOPSTAT! GOLD, you can run the game live at the courtside!  Your announcer will be able to give the crowd instant stat updates during the game, your coaches will have complete stats available at the half and final, and your reporters will have a complete stat packet, with game narrative as they walk out the door!

NOW INCLUDES: Shot Chart report that lets you view the location of every shot taken during a game, and its result! This report will show you the total field goals, field goal average, and field goal percent for 2 point, 3 point, and overall shots for an individual OR the whole team at once.

You can also enter an entire basketball game in 10-20 minutes!  Just click in total game stats for each of your players and the software will calculate percentages and totals automatically!  Print a box score and offensive/defensive stats for each game, and get individual stats, team stats, team bests and more for the season!  All for only $149.95!  Click here to order!