List of Bats Web Fixes


08/04/16 Fix for dummy sites

07/07/16 Publish to Web Drive Fix

04/26/16 Show 999 for games that showed 0 for video when the video was actually present

03/17/16 Fix for 173 error on Publish

03/07/16 Fix for Receive EZ Video

07/08/15 Fix for publishing Major League games

02/13/15 2015 Release

04/07/14 Correction to Bats Web Viewer (if you’re still using that)

02/20/14 Misc. updates

02/17/14 Official 2014 release!

10/17/13 Corrected Help drop-downs

06/07/13 Fix for disappearing Roster.dat

04/04/13 Fix for error in Retrieve From Web Drive in MLB games

02/18/13 2013 Release

04/19/12 Fix for publishing multiple games for viewing

03/13/12 Correct “uncompressed” message

03/06/12 New compression settings

03/05/12 Fix for removing password names

01/27/12 2012 BATS Web Release

11/30/11 Correction for deleting old Web Viewer games

11/22/11 Correction for publishing data-only games

11/11/11 New internet stuff

04/28/11 Batter/Pitcher fix

03/01/11 Various problems with TVTI Player

12/02/10 Minor fixes

11/24/10 Venezuela changes

07/21/10 Fix Custom Clips search


1. Fix for over 2,500 EZ videos

2. Bug in uploading data-only games


1. New Custom Clips filters

2. You can now remove several games at once

3. Remove now has progress displays

4. Receive game for sync has option to bypass missing clips

04/13/10 Allow mix types of video in a game

03/26/10 New auto download games

03/16/10 Add info on upload/download time and current clip status, File Rebuild on Publisher and Remove Custom Clips on Viewer

03/13/10 Stop invalid MLB ID’s in EZ Video

02/24/10 Add find MLB ID’s to EZ Video

02/22/10 Corrections to Publish Custom Clips with odd names

02/08/10 2010 Release

01/20/10 Auto re-connect for downloads/uploads when connection drops

10/15/09 Small fix for delete function

09/04/09 Add Phillies to team list

08/31/09 Fix for uploading multi-angle video and deleting EZVideo

08/12/09 Fix to remove sync games

08/04/09 Fix for close handle message and deleting files

07/21/09 Override upload in progress

07/15/09 Fix for better handling of EZVid problems

07/14/09 Fix manager EZ videos function.

05/07/09 Fix 6th pitch in viewer and multiple camera angles

05/01/09 Fix EZ Vid upload and delete

4/28/09 Add multi angle handling for syncing games.