List of Bats Fixes



12/30/16 2017 Release

09/20/16 Automated Play MLBAM clips

08/16/16 Trackman Merge and additional small fixes

08/04/16 MLBAM Download fix, bypass compression error in EZVideo

07/07/16 Game Summary Fix

07/05/16 Improved Sydex Video Player

06/23/16 Important MLB Download fix!

06/06/16 Bug fix for Full At-Bat Match-ups displaying wrong match-ups

05/10/16 Added remaining reports to Bats Main “new look” module

04/12/16 Fix for Process Camera and Supplemental Angles Controller

04/08/16 Add game with B, C or D angle. Corrected “153” error in “batssml”

04/04/16 Correct for more than 10 pitches in an at-bat

03/30/16 New video player option and bypass compression

03/24/16 Replay bug fix

03/23/16 VDF File Generator fix

03/22/16 Fix for accessing Custom Modules in legacy program.

03/21/16 Additional Game Summary repair

03/19/16 Fix for Game Summary At-Bat Detail screen not working!

03/18/16 Fix for Small Menu hidden buttons

03/17/16 Misc small fixes in MLBAM Downloader, Game Summary, Rosters, B/P Breakdown and Make Game Drive

03/14/16 Make Game Drive fix, exiting custom module fix, MLBID search update

03/10/16 Fix for compression bug

11/03/15 Update Player1

09/15/15 Expand game limit for external drives

07/29/15 Work-around for 0 byte .idx file

05/26/15 Fix for Move External video limit

03/27/15 More Trackman updates

03/23/15 Trackman updates

02/24/15 Expand database limits, add “Main Angle Only” to Create Video Distribution File

02/13/15 2015 Release

10/08/14 Update for MLB ID’s

07/31/14 Fix for slider/more than 13 pitch types

06/03/14 New “Add A Cut Clip” function

05/07/14 Select minor league team

04/30/14 New: Change double-header number in Change Game Date

04/21/14 Fix for In-Game Viewer

04/14/14 Make Game from/to the same location

04/11/14 Make Game fix

03/19/14 Minor correction to Change Game

03/13/14 Controls changes

03/10/14 Correction for graphing hard/soft

02/20/14 Misc. updates

02/18/14 Official 2014 BATS release!

01/06/14 Updated MLB ID’s

11/04/13 Roster update fix

10/17/13 Corrected Help drop-downs

09/30/13 MLB ID’s for “NXT” statuses

08/08/13 Minor correction to Batter / Pitcher Breakdown report

06/26/13 Correction for adding C and D angles in Process Camera File with multiple compressors

04/29/13 Fix pitch count issues in change game

04/24/13 Fix for next pitch/previous pitch video

04/15/13 Fix for TVTI Receive of old .mov files

04/04/13 Fix for backup/restore functions

03/11/13 Updated data receive programs

02/18/13 2013 Release

02/06/13 Correction for Change Selection not working, and Make Game

12/12/12 Stats Inc data receive bug

08/29/12 Fix for bug with Move External for 2nd game of double header

06/05/12 Fix for accidental removal of the inactive team.

05/26/12 Fix for obscure Process Camera File.

05/22/12 Correction for reattach video in replace mode.

05/07/12 New Compression

04/18/12 Fix for viewing hit locations off of an external drive

03/26/12 Stats Inc. update

03/23/12 Move External fixes

03/16/12 Process Camera minor fixes

02/23/12 Correct message in Video Work File Status

02/17/12 Fix small menu in Make Game Hard Drive

01/27/12 2012 BATS Release

09/15/11 TVTI Player updates

08/18/11 Unusual clip missing Batter Pitcher Breakdown

06/29/11 TVTI cutter/compress fixes

05/12/11 Compression problems in Windows 7

04/27/11 Important! Process Camera update

04/13/11 1) Auto-Find drive letters

        2) Cut clip from file in Game Entry

        3) Misc. fixes

03/17/11 1) Make Game c:\tempcdrom 2) Cut out clip in EZ Video 3) Misc. TVTI fixes

03/15/11 Fix for alternate angle compression

03/14/11 1) Move video to laptop

       2) Allow \\paths in controls, misc. TVTI stuff

       3) Remove all side angles

03/01/11 Various problems with TVTI Player

02/22/11 TVTI export playlist to directory incorrect

02/18/11 Multiple router configurations

02/17/11 Receive TVTI Video bug

12/02/10 Minor fixes

10/15/10 More Spanish BATS

08/20/10 Correction to make external drive

08/11/10 Add current roster option to full at-bat matchups

07/21/10 Correction for full at-bat matchups and print of swing zone

05/27/10 Group EZ Video clips


1. Process Camera File has Play Main Angle option

2. In-game compressor now allows longer target drive

04/29/10 Team Velocity Report: removed date range, added righty/lefty option

04/26/10 Fix for widowed vididx records in Process Camera File

04/23/10 File locking for Windows 7

04/20/10 Warning for when an invalid drive is selected for if you are running make game HD or Make Player to the wrong location.

04/14/10 (Another) in-game player video fix

04/13/10 Fix for syncing Inside Edge games

04/12/10 1) Fixed compress that had a problem that caused an out of memory when processing large numbers of clips.

2) Catcher Blocks or Throws could produce an error if it was clicked in the wrong sequence. If you try to copy a clip before charting it, you will now be warned to finish charting first.

3) Games did not auto publish under circumstance to bats web.

04/09/10 Fix for process camera file and Bats game input

04/07/10 Fixes for in-game compression

04/05/10 Fix for auto map drive in ingame compress

04/02/10 Fix for router and HD angle D

03/25/10 Corrected version of compress

03/22/10 Vid work count incorrect

03/17/10 Sizing roster entry

03/11/10 Trim & Stack and multiple databases for in-game compression

03/11/10 Fix for Inside Edge data receive

03/10/10 Misc. TVTI Player fixes

03/09/10 Correction to Process Camera File

03/07/10 Several fixes for Process Camera File

03/02/10 Fix for TVTI Capture

02/27/10 Fix for TVTI Capture for DV video devices

02/25/10 1) 2010 versions of data receive for BIS I.G. and stats and 2) TVTI video receive keep side angles when replacing main angle with HD version.

02/11/10 1) Allow compare video to work on external drives and 2) Correct new camera cutter for file names containing spaces

02/05/10 Correction to runner drop down in the full bat matchup function

02/04/10 Fix for roster video on network and receive TVTI video drive

02/02/10 Correction for make DVDs/HD in 2010 release

02/01/10 Full Release of 2010 version

11/10/09 Allow more than 2,500 games in game entry

09/22/09 Add “:” to J drive on email video receive, improve override gm in in-game viewer

09/11/09 Enhanced rebuild of at bat file

08/27/09 Fix for runner report

08/06/09 Fix for playing video not working from hit location screen

08/06/09 Fix for error 173 for TVTI video receive

07/31/09 Added error messages to 2-way sync

07/22/09 QT error fix and autorun.inf correction

06/22/09 Slightly improved sync

06/17/09 Fix for initials in bunts and runners

05/27/09 Obscure 2-way sync fix

05/26/09 Fix for files larger than one gigabyte

05/12/09 Minors runner’s dropdown enhancement

05/04/09 Fix individual pitch mapping

04/30/09 Fix for umpire and make game HD CD

04/08/09 Fixed video stack problems when switching databases

03/31/09 The 2 new NY ballparks

03/26/09GAME ENTRY

1) Red light / Green light flip on Capture video button during game entry.

- Button will be outlined in gray when not initiated. Green when ready to start, red when capturing.

2) One click "receiving" button to behave like catcher block/throws in game entry.

- an "r" has been added

3) Player Video Enhancements

- A new drop down has been added with additional one click options, including

- pickoff successful/unsuccessful

- pickoff angle 2-3

- Important! you can now click 2 angles in a row for a pickoff. So, for example, pickoff 1 main angle and pickoff 1 side angle can be grabbed in succession,

- I also cleared up several odd bugs in player video during game entry.

4) Pinch Hitters - the current batter is now displayed in a different color on the lineup screen

5) An additional "bunt" flag has been added


1) Add "decision pitch only" to result drop down in batter pitcher breakdown.Add total plate appearances to batter pitcher breakdown, add swing/missed to result selection.

2) All data receive menus now use the multiple data base

3) Data providers can now send the home plate umpire for the game

4) An important fix for special roster clean up was completed.

5) The bats EZ video standalone exe has been updated.

03/02/09 Minor correction to Swing Zone headers, correction for TVTI Compare Plays function

02/16/09 Major HD Release

11/24/08 Put Rays back in American League

9/26/08 Player1 automatic download

9/24/08 Add Excel export of rosters

9/05/08 Minor correction to Make Player DVD

8/27/08 2-Way Sync will now choose most current version of player info and update older versions.

8/11/08 NEW Umpire Analysis screen. NEW bitmap batter for Reports.

8/04/08 Add custom pitch locations to batter/pitcher breakdowns

7/29/08 New show next pitch function

7/24/08 New individual file rebuild, and clear bad temporary files in small menu

7/17/08 Fixed duplicate Charleston and added new on-screen help for e-mail programs

7/2/08 Update TVTI switch software                                                

6/24/08 Correct problem with change game function for losing/fielding position.

6/23/08 Add slide step for input option reporting, add hbp, sacrifice, <2 outs to result drop down, add reset all button

5/29/08 Fix for grabbing side angles of pick off moves

5/08/8 Miscellaneous small fixes

4/23/8 Enhanced data receive for BIS data

4/19/8 Correction for data receive occasionally overwriting a good game.

4/18/8 Correction for very short raw angle paths

4/17/8 Add start stop button for add video to finished games, in game viewer use multiple data bases,

4/16/8 Enhanced data received for Stats, Inc

4/16/8 Side angles fixed in Player Video and other small fixes

3/25/8 Switch of Devil Rays team name to Rays

3/18/8 Fixes for running BATS from an external drive w/ Windows Vista

2/21/8 Add wild pitch-passed ball

2/19/8 Fix to AL-RH hitter and new TVTI playlist manager

2/4/8 Optional fixes: new Passed Balls/Wild Pitch report, fix to accept button on Hit Location, fix to Game Summary display, new Custom groups for pitchers and batters, and new Questionable umpire calls and check swings feature. Details in email.  Also, in the Ballparks zip file, sponsorship names of parks was removed.

1/29/8 MAJOR RELEASE Enhancements to Game Input with video capture button on screen, Make Game and Player DVD with options for external drive, Main Controls tells you when your last Bats update was, upgraded TVTI video modules, and many others. Details listed in email

9/27/7 Minor correction for game summary

9/5/7   Updated list of MLB Assigned player IDs

8/31/7 Major fix for minor problem with using network files.  In certain circumstances Bats could switch to network files in the middle of use (If a network drive mysteriously appeared).

7/16/7 Minor correction to in game compression, change batsmlb to produce list of all minor league teams.

6/15/7 Minor correction to receive pickoff video.

6/7/7 Correct error where backup of game at bats was not being correctly created.

6/1/7 Series of small fixes to (1) In game compression, (2) controls, and (3) multiple data base input.

5/24/7 Fix to prevent loop on locked vidstack file in compress, add “stop angles” flag to game entry for b-c-d angles, add one button assign for angle 1 in router stuff.

5/22/7 Fix for sync problem with guys with no mlb ids.

5/16/7 Fix Batter-Pitcher breakdown print to include knucklers.

5/11/7 Fix for duplicate ID’s slowing down sync.  Correct duplicates as part of sync, prevent duplicates from going in on add player.  Improve speed of scan ab’s.

5/9/7 Correct for MLB player1 interface for new batters that bat L throw R.

5/4/7 Add OBP to team batting, team pitching, add sort by slug, obp to both.

4/27/7 Unselect all for receive video, change counter in 2 way sync

4/19/7 Various enhancements to EZ video add clip description and selection box

4/12/7 Fix move games to laptop on make game cd/dvd option, greatly improve scanning ab’s for runner chgs.

4/4/7 Add all to 4 per page, minor corrections, put up old compression routines.

4/3/7 Add more selections to router setup

3/30/7 Correction to Email receive for BIS data for pitches out of zone.

3/28/7 Correction to Sync program for duplicate names - mostly affects minor league processing

3/26/7 New Player1.sydex processing

3/20/7 Add option to move full game/ab data to make game cd.

3/19/7 Add play selected button to Pitcher-batter at bats, Fix current roster only in selecting team vs team, add double click to play video on bunts report.

3/10/7 Add multi-angle process to make game cd/dvd.  Change on-screen display to gig instead of mb.

3/8/7 Fix for problem playing player video with 4 network drives.  Fix print version of batter pitcher breakdown to have swing-miss info and additional on-screen info.  Upload new versions of email receive for stats inc. and BIS.

3/3/7 Fix for make player cd and make game cd, clean up of odd .dll problem.

2/23/7 Couple more nifty enhancements for fielding video

2/22/7 Fix for Tvtiplayer playlist bug

2/21/7 Major enhancement for second fielder and highlights/errors on fielders.  Also several new options on fielding video screen.

2/14/7 Fix find file on camera button in ez video, add receive throws from TVTI

2/7/7 Minor fix for sync

01/31/7 Add option to make player dvd to allow selection of specific angles.

01/19/7 Fix drop downs to allow thru year 2015.  Change create game cd and move games to laptop to have enhance controls on selecting games, and allow up to 1000 games to be moved at once, add “find clip from camera” button to EZ video.  Fix Pitcher Velocity so it shows the correct runners when video is displayed.  Correct printing on pitch zones.

01/17/7 Add end date to 2waysync to allow adding video to old games easily.  Add delete range of games or range of video.

11/21/6 Add oldest to newest sort for fielding display, add remove video from game option

11/13/6 Add RBI to result drop down choices, add two more count choices.

11/8/6 Add “Decision Pitches Only” option to game summary and in-game viewer.  This allows viewing only the final pitch of each at bat.

9/25/6 Improve Special Roster fix to allow cleaning rosters without deleting all names with no data.

9/22/6 Enhancement to team velocity report for high/low cutoff.

8/29/6 Minor enhancement to file rebuilds.

8/23/6 Fix minor problem in field chart prints.

8/9/6 Fix move video to laptop to allow up to 999 games.

7/21/6 Fix “all left” button on runners report.

7/15/6 Fix for my error in move range of games to laptop

7/3/6 Fix for catcher blocks screwing up next pitcher throwover, fix for copy network video for player video.

6/21/6 Fix for duplicate player video pointers, turn off copy network video for player video

6/17/6 TVTIPlayer output to Ipod, fix for fielders choice with 1-3 and 2 out.

6/13/6 Fix for power/single flag on roster.

6/7/6 Game entry bombed if pitcher had more than 200 ez videos.

6/2/6 Update fixes to contain one more background module for video player.

5/24/6 Save Control Values on move video to laptop function.  Fix for catcher blocks/throws to remove delay while clip is copied.

5/17/6 Network copy error fixed for in game compression.

5/16/6 Write direct to CD burning from make player cd for windows XP users, add multi-angle to move video to laptops.  Fix for bunt report.

5/12/6 Technical change to file locking in ingame compressors to prevent network locks and unneeded post game compressions

5/10/06 Improve checking in set file locations on ingame compressors

5/04/06 Add game selection button to in game viewer

5/02/06 Fix for runners print and number of games counter

4/27/06 Correct problem in modify at bat that allowed the original runners to get screwed up.  Add select by team to add video to finished games and game entry.  Correct minor problems in compress and create game/player cd.

4/26/06 Correction to in game viewer so latest at bat is always on screen.  Fix for full at bat match ups to allow extended selection clicks.

4/11/06 Minor change to One-Click video adds.  Fix for Error 114 on printing to certain network printers.  Program will bypass page counter if file “skippages.txt” is found in the bats99 folder (with “yes in it).  This corrects the problem.

4/9/6 Fix for TVTI switch controller

4/6/6 Fix to add video to finished games for problems with clips getting lost during compression

4/5/6 Corrections to TVTI Player, Change to Player1 to accomodate MLB change to Nationals code, Fix for receive of DVD video.

4/3/6 Fix tvtiplayer.exe for compatibility with quicktime 7.

4/1/6 Fix dvd create because full ab matchups was not working on the disk.

3/31/6 Alter minor league load to assign Columbus (LA affiliate) the team name COLUMBUS-LA to avoid conflict with NYY affiliate of same name in Player1.  Add batter as a sort option to the runners report.

3/30/6 Fix for Video to Laptop load

3/29/6 Correction to view clip found during game entry, correction to TVTI automatic switch controller

3/24/6 Correction to TVTI Video Capture software

3/13/6 Add one click buttons for replay sb/cs during game entry.  Fix update laptop from game cd to use the file locations currently in batsfile.txt.

3/6/06 Updated tvti capture program and minor fielding video fix.

2/20/6 Minor enhancement to improve marking of Bunts during the pitch sequence

2/17/6 Correction for full screen problem with player

2/16/6 Minor enhancements per various requests from teams.  Dates on ballfield prints, breaking ball and off speed categories added to pitch type, single double triple added to results choice, swing zone enhanced to produce a better image of chase zones.

1/31/6 MAJOR RELEASE Enhancements include new compare plays function in several modules, multi-database access from one bats99, quicker video player, draw function on video, and many others.  More information in email